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Tiered Investment Savings Account

The new Tiered ISAs and Corporate Tiered ISAs, offered by The Bank of Nova Scotia (“BNS”) and ADS Canadian Bank (“ADSB”) respectively, are innovative solutions featuring tiered interest rates that automatically adjust based on the balance in the account. The new Tiered ISA lineup delivers a simplified experience for both Advisors and their clients.

  • Five CDIC issuers offer multiple accounts
  • Personal and corporate/non-personal accounts in both Canadian and US dollars
  • Premium interest rates and no maturity dates to manage
  • Attractive trailers, no account fees, and no minimums
  • Eligible for non-registered and registered accounts
  • Simple and secure, with funds easily accessible through Fundserv

A Series

Tiered ISATiered Corporate ISA
ADS Canadian Bank(ADSB) Bank of Nova Scotia ADS Canadian Bank(ADSB) Bank of Nova Scotia
(A) DYN5000
(A) DYN6000
(A) DYN5002
(A) DYN6002
(A) DYN5001
(A) DYN6001
(A) DYN5003
(A) DYN6003

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F Series

ISACorporate ISA
ADS Canadian Bank(ADSB) Bank of Nova Scotia ADS Canadian Bank(ADSB) Bank of Nova Scotia
(F) DYN5004
(F) DYN6004
(F) DYN5006
(F) DYN6006
(F) DYN5005
(F) DYN6005
(F) DYN5007
(F) DYN6007

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Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs)

  • Five CDIC issuers: Bank of Nova Scotia, ADS Canadian Bank, Scotia Mortgage Corporation, Montreal Trust Company of Canada and National Trust Company
  • Flexibility for laddering and other financial planning strategies
  • Eleven terms and attractive broker rates and commissions
  • Easy to buy and renew, with terms from 30 days to 5 years
  • Several income options

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†USD Deposits are not insured by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC). Only deposits held in Canadian currency, having a term of five years or less and payable in Canada are are eligible to be insured under the CDIC Act.

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The terms and conditions of these accounts are located under the Documents tab.