Seek More From Cash

Cash is an important component of any investment portfolio. Our solutions help you manage overall portfolio risk, seize market opportunities when they arise, and plan prudently for the future.

Manage Portfolio Risk

Holding Investment Savings Accounts (ISAs) and GICs reduces risk and volatility by diversifying and complementing portfolios that contain equity, fixed income or any other investments that may fluctuate thereby impacting the principal invested in them.

Seize Market Opportunities

Investment Savings Accounts (ISAs) and GICs allow you to mobilize funds at different times of the market cycle to take advantage of opportunities - as they arise - without being forced to liquidate other investments that are being held based on their own individual merit.

Plan Prudently

As clients begin regularly drawing on funds, or perhaps have a large future liability they would like to match and set aside for today, holding Investment Savings Accounts (ISAs) and GICs ensures that funds are available when needed and with peace of mind included.

Make cash part of the conversation you have with clients and add even more value to your relationships.

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